Gothic lolita photoshoot

Gothic lolita photoshoot
Today I just wanted to share some photos my boyfriend took of me yesterday.
Luckily he's into photography :) But editing is my job!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Outfit rundown:

JSK: SouffleSong/Neverland lolita
Blouse, headband: Taobao
Shoes: Bodyline
Accessories: offbrand


Bodyline L523 blouse and S522 shoes review 🎀

Bodyline L523 blouse and S522 shoes review 🎀
Time for some staple items!

I needed an off-white/cream/beige blouse with long sleeves and some comfortable lolita shoes - I needed them especially for upcoming con, where I will probably walk all day.

For the shoes choice was somewhat easy, as the safest option for me is always Bodyline. Their shoes are decent quality and most of the times I know what to expect when it comes to sizing.
Maybe someday I'll buy some from Taobao, especially that there are so many cute designs, but I'm kind of scared they won't fit. My feet are rather medium sized for EU standards - I wear size 38, which mostly is 24 in Japanese and Chinese sizing.
Yeah, mostly. Once I bought some cute shoes from Aliexpress - partly because of curiosity and they were cheap, so I decided to try. Size on the sole said 38 and yet those were like two sizes small... Luckily I managed to sell them.

Therefore I chose some cute flats from Bodyline.

The reviews were good and people said they're true to size, so I went with my regular one.

Buying just one thing seemed like a waste, so I decided to look for a blouse I needed anyway.
By the way, why blouses are in bloomers section now? Bodyline is so strange sometimes.

I got this one in beige color. I love princess sleeves and high collar fits my dresses best.

As always I chose airmail shipping, which resulted in 64,17$ for everything.
I placed it on 24.02. I received my package on 14.03, but I have to mention it arrived in Poland on 07.03 and then spent a week God knows where, becaues tracking basically said nothing. But this is my country's post fault, which service is getting worse and worse to be honest.

Anyway, my package arrived safe. This time Bodyline didn't include a box for shoes :( I'm kind of disappointed. They were just covered in bubble wrap, which luckily (and suprisingly) was quite secure and nothing happened to them...

Shoes themselves are very cute and well made:

I own several Bodyline shoes and these aren't different when it comes to quality. Nothing spectacular, but decent. What is more important - they fit just perfectly. Okay, maybe one foot feels a bit tight, but that is my fault as my feet are uneven, lol. So that's unavoidable in my case. One size larger would probably be too loose on both feet (not so long ago I ordered BL shoes one size larger than usual and they are loose indeed).

And the blouse! I am very happy with it. The color is rather cream than beige (it is a bit darker and yellowish in person), which is good as it is the same color as one tights I have and planned to use in a coordinate. As every Bodyline item - it needs ironing.
It is made of a light chiffon like fabric. It is a bit see-through, so I have to wear something underneath if I ever plan to wear it with a skirt (probably I won't).

This was my mini haul :)

There is one more update!
I got a new tattoo ♥

I try choose feminine tattoos so they fit lolita clothes too.

What do you think of tattoos with lolita?


Taobao haul! Spreenow review ♥

Taobao haul! Spreenow review ♥
Image heavy! All my photos are unedited, so you could see true colors.

I have ordered a few items from Taobao using Spreenow shopping service. I chose it, because I've read a good review about it and the site seemed very user friendly.

Navigating their site was very easy - you search for the item either by putting a name or a link and add everything to cart. Once finished, you send it to them to confirm items are available. Their service fee is 10% of the order's price.

I placed the order in the end of January. It was during Lunar New Year, so I knew I would have to wait. But they were working on Saturday and confirmed my items were available.

I ordered:

OP and a matching headbow

from Loris

from Pumpkin Pig

The items were available, so I paid for them. They contacted me a few days later (I believe it was 04.02 or something) and told me... that seller said the dress is sold out :(
I was so sad. It was probably nobody's fault. Someone must have bought it before me or maybe it was sold out earlier, but the shop didn't update it because of Lunar New Year.
Anyway I was devastated, because I really love the print and already thought of it as mine.

They ordered the rest of the items and refunded my money for the dress and a headbow. I decided to spend it on some other dress. Taobao is full of cute lolita items, so I was hoping to find something that I'd love to own. The struggle was real, because every dress I thought of buying was made to order and I didn't really want to wait 1-2 months for the bag and otks.

But I found it!

from Magic Tea Party

I love red and feel good in it and print seemed really interesting! I have also watched a positive review of some other Magic Tea Party's dress.

When all my items arrived to the shopping service, I paid for the shipping. I chose the cheapest option as I've read all their methods are tracked and this one was pretty fast too.

On 11.02 they said it was shipped and I received tracking number.

On 23.02 tracking said my package is waiting for me at the nearest post office. Well, I was at home during the time and the courier didn't appear. They even didn't leave any note, so they were nowhere near my apartment.

So today I went to post office all excited and finally received my package. All in all it took almost two weeks to reach me, which is rather fast.

As you can see they packed everything in a black plastic bag and a box. I'm happy nobody tried to open it in customs. And by the way I fortunately wasn't charged with any customs fee.

The bag! All items were packed seperately in plastic bags. It was well secured. And it's so cute! Pretty sturdy too.

It's pretty capacious for a lolita bag.

I am very happy with it. The "lace" is cut well and so are the hearts. The press stud doesn't open easily and keeps the bag closed well.

On to the over the knee socks! 

They are thick and pattern is cute. The kitty ones are going to fit my Bodyline's Kitten Piano Concerto jsk. The other ones were supposed to match Pumkin Cat's dress, which I didn't manage to order...

I saved the best for the end.

The dress! I was so curious, but I decided to open it last. 

I got a brooch! I thought it wasn't included, so I'm happy :) The camea is lovely, look at the details. It's very unique.


It's made of some light chiffon like fabric. The color matches the dress and the lace is the same as the one used on the jsk. 

And the jsk itself. It needs some ironing, but I fell in love with it.

Let's see the print closer.

I think the print is rather unique and I really love both the idea and all the details. 

This part might have been better, but it's not that big deal for me.

It's fully lined.

I have to mention that the fabric of the printed layer could have been thicker.

The lace is very beautiful. I love the crosses!

The bodice is pretty simple with a cute collar. There was also one spare button included, although they are sewn on nicely.

As for the collar...

This kind of made me laugh. Fortunately it is not visible.

The back of the dress. Notice, that it has no shrring! So read measurements carefully. I have ordered size M and was worried a bit if it was going to fit. Luckily it fits perfectly.

Let's see it worn!

I'm thinking of coordinating it with beige and black. I think it would make an interesting color combination. What would you coordinate it with?

Also! The Matryoshka Cat dress case is not lost. I saw they made another preorder of the jsk version of it on LolitaWardrobe.

I was kind of sad when I saw it, because preorder lasts only till 26.02 and I couldn't afford another dress this month. My boyfriend came to the rescue and bought it for my birthday! I have birthday in June, but the dress is going to be ready in May, so I guess I will get it right on time. I'm so lucky to have such generous boyfriend ♥

That's for it. I hope my review was helpful. 

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