Are you too old for lolita...?

I was visitting my parents a while ago. My mom wanted to show her Instagram, because she made an account, but doesn't know how to use it. She happened to come across my photos.
She said, pointing at a lolita blouse I bought recently:
- What is it?
- Umm, a lolita blouse I bought.
- Och my, you're still into this? You're almost 26!
It wasn't the first time she pointed this out and it wasn't the first I explained this is a hobby as appropriate as any.
Funny thing is she used to be very supportive when I was a teenager. But guess what? Even Bodyline seemed unattainable. I was a teenager, I had nearly no income. I depended on thrift stores, buying second hand things online and my mom's sewing skills (she sewed some clothes for me back then, she stopped doing so)

So the question is: can you be too old for lolita? For any fashion or hobby?

Of course not. However you can be too young in my opinion.
Most of lolitas nowadays are in their mid-twenties. It seems like this fashion grows with us.

I think this is the best time to get into lolita more seriously. This is a luxury fashion and even the cheapest options for shopping are still quite expensive compared to casual fashion. And almost no one in their teens has a stable income. Relying on gifts seems unreasonable.

However lolita fashion is considered cute and even childlish for strangers. And not only sweet lolitas seem so, gothic and classic too. Someone who is not familiar with the fashion doesn't notice much difference.

Is there an age limit to cuteness?

I used to think so. I used to think that when I hit my thirties, I would ditch the alternative fashion to wear something more simple. But as I am closer, I change my mind.
Our society puts much pressure on looking and acting "serious" at certain age. But does fondness of cuteness influence one's responsibility or professional skills? Well, it's hard to argue - no.

Not to mention that childlish attire is something rather fresh. Centuries ago children just wore smaller versions of adult's clothing. There was no children's motifs or themes. All in all those are just pictures. It's us who put any meaning into it.

Will I ever lose interest in lolita? I don't know, maybe. But probably not because of my age. Even when I imagine myself as a granny in some classic lolita dress, it looks pretty and cute, not funny. Maybe I am just biased, because I encircle myself with this fashion for years. At the same time other people may be biased too, because they're told it's not proper for an old person to dress in a cute way.

Do you know @baddiewinkle? She's such an inpiration! I wish I would have her attitude at the same age ♥

In conclusion: there's no such thing as too old! Enjoy the fashion 💕

I am attaching a drawing I made today:

I need to practice my digital art skills 😭 but at least I made something.

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  1. I always think there is time for everything. I always had a phase with something. I however things you found in young years is harder to let go than later habits. Especially then you are young adult/ teenager, because these are the years you finally can define who you are.


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