Meet the lolita meme~

Spanish lolita community has created a meme similar to the "meet the artist" one. It is a cute idea, so I decided to join!

I could probably add more to the "love" and "hate" segments, but these are the first things that came into my mind.

As I mentioned cat prints, I have recently ordered a new dress:

I was eyeing this dress for a while. There was also a darker colorway, which was more interesting to coordinate, but it was sold out. Maybe it was for the best, because this one is cuter in my opinion. 

I have also ordered a few things along with it. So prepare for the review! πŸ’–
These aren't shipped yet, so probably I'll see my items in the end of February at the earliest.


  1. It is a good way to introduce yourself. Or icebreaker to meet new people.

    Cat prints is the new strawberry print, everyone has one(even I have). They are lovely, but there is so many other animals I want to see in a print. But pumpkincat's version is pretty combined with matroyaskas.

    1. Ahh, unfortunately I was a bit too fast >.< My shopping service confirmed it is available, I payed for it and after few days (it was Lunar New year time) they said that it got sold in the meantime and refunded my money :( I chose another dress (unfortunately not a cat print ;-;), but I think I won't be editing my post and just write all the story in my review when I get all my stuff.

    2. Auch. Hopefully the new dress would arrive without further complications.


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