Valentine's Day 💞

I am a victim of an Instagram's ad! Never again~

We were wondering with my boyfriend where to go on Valentine's day, as I love all the cheesy holidays. We were thinking of a good traditional night in a cinema, but there was only Grey everywhere and um... I am not a fan.

I saw an ad on Instagram of a cool place serving cute pancakes. They said every pancake on Valentine's Day is going to be heart-shaped! ♥
It suited Valentine's atmosphere well, so we decided to go there.

It was a good opportunity to wear lolita fashion, and so I did.

I am sorry for phone camera pictures, but it was already late. The light was poor and we didn't have much time to take proper photos.
My boyfriend is quite skilled, so I hope in the future there will only be good quality photos he took! 

Anyway this is what I was wearing yesterday. I decided to go with the red one piece, a beret and thick tights as it was a warm option. I really missed wearing lolita~ 
Main reason why I love this fashion is that I feel really beautiful in it and I like seeing my reflection everywhere. There was a woman who was staring at me and said that I looked really beautiful in my coordinate and like I came from some movie. It was so nice and such reactions are also the reason I like to wear these clothes. 

The restaurant wasn't so nice. It was a small place with small tables. Our food barely fit! 

Huh? Where are the heart-shaped pancakes? To be honest yesterday I totally forgot about it that they were supposed to be heart-shaped. But now I remember! It is kind of disappointing. Well, at least they were still looking cute. And that was it. Pancakes were not fluffy enough and too sweet for my taste. I wasn't able to eat everything. But the tea was good...

I still had much fun that day and now we know where not to go next time, haha. 


  1. Pancakes! Shame about them being too sweet, but at least they look appropriate for Valentine's Day. And you looked great, red suits you so well. :D

    1. thank you! well I could anticipate it as I'm not much into sweet stuff ;p I mean I like sweets, but to some extend :D


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