Pumpkin Cat Kitten Matryoshka Dolls JSK and LolitaWardrobe.com review ✨

I mentioned a while ago that I preordered Kitten Matryoshka Dolls Jumperskirt on LolitaWardrobe as a birthday gift from my boyfriend. I got it in Ivory colorway and M size.

LolitaWardrobe is a Taobao reseller. I follow them on Facebook, so I saw this preorder there. Generally it is more worthwhile to buy from Taobao using a shopping service, but I came across it there, got excited there's a possibility to get it and didn't think of checking other places.

I placed the order on 17.02. I must admit their service is pretty good. I made two bookings by mistake, paid for the one I wanted and wasn't able to cancel the other one. I asked about it through Facebook and got answered almost immediately and the wrong booking was cancelled without asking any further questions.

The page said the dress is going to be ready in early or middle of May. I chose the cheapest shipping option as there was no rush in receiving it. It was supposed to be my birthday present, which is in late June, so I didn't worry about not getting it on time.

On 24.04 I was informed my item is shipped! It was ready sooner than expected ♥ My postman delievered it to me yesterday - 16.05. So it took a little over three weeks to reach me.

I was so excited! As you can see it was packed okay - no bubble wrap or anything, but it was secure.

The fabric was rather thin, but soft. The page says it is made of 120D high density slubbed linen - whatever that is - besides that this is linen. I didn't know linen could be so soft. I have to find out how to iron it. Anyway it feels really light, which is going to be perfect for summer.

The print is what I fell in love with. I'm not really sure about the fabric that waistbelt and detachable bow is made of. It feels kind of plastic because of the silver print. 

Lace is made of cotton and has a cute bow design.

I love the design of the collar and little paws all over.

This is how its back looks. It has shirring and lacing.

The jsk is fully lined. Lining is made of polyester. I must admit I would be happier with cotton one.

Also what I noticed today! It has a pocket right to the zipper - the site said it wouldn't have one. I'm happy to discover such nice unexpected things :)

This is how it looks tried on. Sadly I'm not allowed to wear it until my birthday! 

Overall I'm very happy with the purchase. The print is lovely and has a unique style. I also love how versatile this dress is - it can be worn both casually and more fancy depending on a coordinate.


  1. It's so cute <3 I hope that the text in russian is written correctly. It looks like the belt and the bows are made of satin, like an avarage ribbon, that you can find in the shop ;)

    1. According to google translator the text is ok :D and I hope it is :) the fabric itself is fine, maybe it is satin, but it's not too shiny. Just the silver print makes it kind of plastic.

  2. Awwww, that's soooo cute! The print is adorable and I love, love the colour. It looks so elegant and princess-like on you!


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