Pyrkon 2017

There are a few conventions held in Poland, but Pyrkon in PoznaΕ„ is definitely the biggest one. This year there were about 50k participants! It was my third time attending.

It started on  Friday 27.04 and lasted till Sunday 30.04. My and my boyfriend arrived on Thursday, because I wanted to see PoznaΕ„ itself. I visited two times before and didn't really have the chance to see anything besides the convention. 

PoznaΕ„ has lovely old town - although my heart stays with home city GdaΕ„sk! I really dig old architecture. 

We were also checking out some cool backgrounds for taking photos. 

I had three outfits prepared. The weather was kind of bad, so I decided to switch my Sunday's outfit with Friday one. 

So this is how I looked on day 1 ♥

My friend and her boyfriend were rocking Slytherin students cosplay:

Some details:

I met a cute Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon:

These cosplayers looked so cool:

I also went some shopping:

I bought a wallet, because my old one was basically useless. I love Ghibli, so this one was perfect :) As for the manga I bought, I'm a big fan of Junji Ito's work. I like horror stories in all forms. This author has a unique style and good ideas. I like how his drawings are very graphic sometimes, but the scary part is always the story. He can make ordinary things creepy.

I spent the first day mostly by walking here and there, hanging out with friends, taking photos and checking out cosplayers. I didn't register for any lectures, because they wouldn't work for me anyway. I spent so much time doing "nothing", I wouldn't be able to attend anything. That's how I usually spend cons :P

On to day 2! I wanted Saturday's coord to be the most over the top (although it is still pretty far from ott coords you can see made by others). I even bought fake nails to match my dress, but I cut my fingernail with a razor by accident the day before :( Well, bad luck.

Awesome Leshy:

Och no, lolita gone bad:

Wearing a wig whole day was so tiring! I admire everyone who wears wigs daily.

We attended Alternative Fashion Show and Cosplay competition.

Fashion show was a bit disappointing... Last year it was way better. I could see some corgeous designs by every artist. Gothic, steampunk, lolita and much more. And this year it was so casual. They were presenting t-shirts and leggins mostly. While they were cool and all, they didn't fit a runway show.

But Cosplay competition was so good! Standards of costumes were pretty high and performances were fun. I really enjoyed myself. I think my favourite was the Witcher and Leshy fight.

On the third day I woke up with my feet so sore, the weather was still bad, so... I decided not to dress up. I think I'm going to wear the last outfit some other time.

Sunday went by some more walking, shopping and hanging out.

I hope next year will be even more awesome! ♥

Photos by Tomasz Rurkowski / Flash.Baby.Photography

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